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"Your dog's business is our business"

We can keep your yard clean!

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$52-$67 monthly, 1 dog          

$56-$69 monthly, 2 dogs

$60-$75 monthly, 3 dogs

2 times weekly, add $25/per month

Twice a month service $42-$62, 1-2 dogs only*

Once a month service $35-$45,  1 dog only

Seniors - 45.00

Spring cleanups** - 50.00 and up

One time special cleanups**

CALL FOR RATES**  847-670-8099  


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Services are billed on a monthly basis and will be mailed or emailed by the 25th of every month.  Payments are due by the 15th of the following month.  A $20 late fee is assessed for payments received after the 15th of the month. All returned checks have a $20 service fee.

Credits are given if we are notified in advance of a vacation or time you do not need service.

Dogs in Yard

We love dogs and enjoy them in the yard while we’re working; however, aggressive dogs need to remain indoors.  


We require a one-day cancellation on all scheduled service.


Service will be suspended if payments fall one month behind.




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