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We offer service schedules as follows:

  • Weekly

  • Twice a week

  • Every other week

  • Monthly (for 1 dog)

  • Special one-time cleanups

Our pickups are done on a scheduled day Monday through Friday. We leave a small bag of treats at your door to let you know we have been there and performed service.

Service Schedules

Our yard waste technicians strive for 100% satisfaction in cleaning your yard. If you are not happy with our service for any reason, give us a call right away.


We work all year round and in all weather conditions, including the rain and snow. If the weather conditions don't permit cleanup, we will be back the following week. Sometimes snow can prevent cleanup for a week or two; however, we do our best to maintain our schedule and keep waste to a minimum in your yard.

Day for Pick Up

Service Schedules

Our services save you the hassle of having to go out into your yard and cleanup your pet's waste.

Kennels, yard, and runs should be easily accessible for us to get into and move around in. Gates should be free from ice and snow to make them easily accessible.

Your Yard

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We love your dogs like our own, and we will always make sure we shut the gate before we leave.

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